Critter Corners

Spend some time with our local iguanas in Iguana Alley, our ducks and tortoises on the Nature Trail, and our not so native but very lovable Rainbow Lorikeets.

Lorikeets: Meet our Australian Rainbow Lorikeets and one Blue Streak Lorikeet. They were all born in captivity and arrived here from Florida. These beautifully colored and very sociable birds give our guests an opportunity to watch their amusing antics up close.

Iguana Alley: You can find iguanas everywhere on the Virgin Islands, but dozens have made their home in the small area above the Turtle Pool just opposite the Amphitheater. Look up into the sea grape trees and spot them resting on branches or look for them on the rocks.

The Nature Trail contains many important Virgin Islands trees and plants, like the lignum vitae tree whose wood was commonly used in all ship’s propeller stern-tube bearings because of its self-lubricating qualities. Our ducks and red-footed tortoises live on the lower trail.

Get Up Close & Personal

Coral World will be open from 9am to 3pm on open days with the ticket booth closing at 2pm.

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