Coral World Ocean Park’s recovery efforts are moving along after sustaining two Category 5 hurricanes. While our island and park have not quite returned to our pre-hurricane state, you can enjoy a fun & fascinating visit to the park, and some time for swimming at Coki Beach.

Sign up for our new “Guided Tour of the park” – During a 45-minute guided tour of Coral World by a member of our aquarium team, you will get up close and personal with the many animals that reside at the park.  See lots of fish and other sea creatures in the air-conditioned Caribbean Reef Encounter.  Visit with our turtles, stingrays, tortoises, colorful macaws, and lorikeets in the outdoor exhibits.  Interact with our team members as they tend to their daily duties caring for all our animals.

Our turtles are safe and residing happily in their temporary quarters while enhancements are being made to their area. View stingrays while learning about our shark and stingray “head start” conservation programs. On the nature trail, you will have the opportunity to visit our colorful Lorikeets and view red-footed tortoises.

Sign up for any of our add-on activities such as the Sea Lion Encounter or Swim, Snuba Dive and Turtle Encounter – all wonderful opportunities to create memories of a life time

For your convenience the Shark Bar is open to purchase beverages and snacks, as well as our gift shop for souvenirs.  You are welcome to visit Coki Beach adjacent to the park and swim in crystal clear waters.

Let all your family and friends know that you helped with the recovery just by your visit. Use the hashtag #VIStrong and #CoralWorld to showcase your adventures on social media.

Showers and lockers are available to rent for your convenience.

Get Up Close and Personal

Coral World will be open from 9am to 3pm on open days with the ticket booth closing at 2pm.

Member of the US Virgin Islands HTA