Shark Encounter

Includes park admission

Adult/Child Member

Enter the world of these fascinating, magnificent, and misunderstood creatures through our educational Shark Encounter. Learn the truths and myths about the ocean’s top predators.

Price includes all day admission to Coral World Ocean Park

After your orientation session, a guide will take you to Coral World Ocean Park’s Shark Shallows, where you will have an opportunity to enter a pool harboring a variety of juvenile sharks that inhabit the waters of the US Virgin Islands. Experience the thrill of viewing the sharks up close from above and below the water as they circle the pool.

Become a shark fan instead of a foe. Coral World Ocean Park is dedicated to the preservation of the shark species as well as all marine wildlife. In an effort to assist in the preservation of sharks, Coral World has recreated a shark nursery, offering juvenile sharks every opportunity to grow in a safe environment before being released into the wild. We hope that through our education and preservation efforts we will help to allow the shark species to thrive now and in the future.

A portion of the proceeds from this activity go towards shark conservation efforts.

What to Know
  • Bring or wear swim wear with a cover-up towel.
  • Participants must be 4ft 8in tall and must speak English.
  • No Pregnant Women.

If you are coming from a cruise ship and this tour is offered through your cruise line, you must book through the cruise line.

Get Up Close and Personal

Come to Coral World Ocean Park and experience the beauty and magic of life under and above the Caribbean Sea.

We will be closed Fridays and Saturdays until November 1st 2017

Open 9am – 4pm 

(Ticket Booth closes at 3pm)

Member of the US Virgin Islands HTA

(340) 775-1555

6450 Coki Point, St. Thomas, USVI 00802