Who We Are

Mission Statement

Everything Coral World does supports our mission statement:

To inspire and educate visitors to protect our worldwide ocean by providing meaningful and fun experiences with marine life.

Our guests often tell us that their experience at Coral World makes them feel connected to marine life and our worldwide ocean. Our hope is that because of this connection they become inspired to protect our oceans and all living creatures both great and small. We also strive to provide experiences for our guests that are memorable and a lot of fun.

Our Values

Coral World is a magical place to visit and work, and we live our values every single day:

Conservation and education elements in all activities

  • We support a wide variety of conservation projects aimed at protecting marine life
  • We take every opportunity to teach our guests something new

Organizational teamwork across all departments

  • We believe we can accomplish more together than we can individually
  • We believe teamwork is essential for smooth operations and strong morale

Respectful communication with everyone

  • We treat every guest and co-worker with respect and kindness
  • We believe using words like “please” and “thank you” are essential

Animal welfare is always our top priority

  • We train our animals a wide variety of medical behaviors to ensure their health
  • Our animal encounters are designed as another opportunity for them to have fun

Local culture highlighted within all operations

  • We embrace, celebrate, and showcase the culture in the Virgin Islands
  • We believe supporting the local culture provides a sense of belonging and unity

Welcome and be friendly with all employees and guests

  • We welcome and appreciate everyone that visits and works at Coral World
  • We believe being friendly brings out the best in everyone and promotes inclusion

Open-mindedness and positivity are expected from all

  • We believe being open-minded opens up opportunities to learn from each other
  • We believe having a positive attitude is contagious and makes people happier

Remember to find the fun each and every day

  • We know finding the fun in everything we do makes life more enjoyable
  • We believe when you’re having fun, you’re more likely to remember that experience

Look for ways to give back to the community

  • We find ways to support local businesses to help create a sense of community
  • It’s important to us to support and protect all life on the Virgin Islands

Deliver top notch customer service every time

  • We make sure each guest is satisfied with our customer service
  • We believe providing top notch customer service helps people enjoy their visit