Coral World is proud to offer tours and workshops to local school groups Pre-12 and university level students.

In addition, the park provides outreach programs, scholarships, and internship opportunities.
Caring for animals in our facilities helps us to continue research and conservation efforts that ultimately help us maintain the health of wild animal populations. Coral World also supports responsible research and conservation projects in cooperation with outside partners.

Recently, the marine mammal department at Coral World collaborated with the University of the Virgin Islands on three research studies
(1) Metabolic validation of South American sea lions,
(2) Optimal Foraging metabolic in South American sea lions and
(3) investigating South American sea lion hearing.

Additional work includes:

  • Contributing to extensive studies regarding fish and parasite relationships. (McCammon, Sikkel study (2009) summary)
  • Monitoring and tagging Yellow Tail and Lobsters in partnership with the St Thomas Fisherman’s Association.
  • Coral bleaching monitoring through the Bleachwatch initiative: BleachWatch is a community-based program that asks volunteers to submit brief observations about reef health, especially coral bleaching. To find out more or participate visit REEF CONNECT
  • Working with the University of the Virgin Islands to help restore Staghorn corals on coral reefs around St. Thomas thorough ocean-based and land-based coral nurseries.

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Coral World will be open daily from 9am to 4pm November-May. Summer schedule may vary.
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