Shark Shallows

See sharks up close

Get up close with several species of sharks. One of our most popular exhibits, this large pool is home to our juvenile sharks. View a variety of sharks from above and below through a large underwater viewing window as they gracefully circle the pool or rest among the rocks.

The inhabitants of the Shark Shallows may include nurse, lemon, blacktip and reef sharks. Our friendly and knowledgeable aquarists will tell you about the current inhabitants.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about these amazing and very misunderstood animals. Or perhaps you would like to take a closer look at these sleek predators. We offer a Shark Encounter experience during which you will enter the Shark Shallows pool and view them underwater wearing a mask and snorkel.

Coral World collects the sharks in its exhibits from local waters. Shark Shallows serves as a head start program for sharks – When the juvenile sharks reach a certain size and are less likely to be prey for larger predators, our marine operations staff will release them back to the ocean.

Because of the importance of sharks to ocean ecology and the threats to their survival, Coral World also takes part in and support a Shark Conservation and Research program.

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