Feedings & Show Times

9:30 am Caribbean Reef Encounter
9:45 am Shark Shallows
10:10 am Stingray Lagoon
10:30 am Sea Lion Presentation at MarinaGardens
10:45 am Shop Talk – Blue Water Terrace (W)**
11:00 am Turtle Talk
12:00 pm Bird Talk – Aviary
12:40 pm Underwater Observation Tower
1:00 pm Shark Shallows
1:30 pm Caribbean Reef Encounter
2:00 pm Sea Lion Presentation at Marine Gardens*
2:30 pm Stingray Lagoon
3:00 pm Turtle Talk
3:30 pm Iguana/Tortoise Talk

* Capacity limited to space available
** Shop Talk every Wednesday


Most of Coral World’s exhibits are wheelchair accessible. We have ramps throughout the park and a wheelchair lift in the Caribbean Reef Encounter.

The Tropical Nature Trail, and the middle and lower levels of the Undersea Observatory Tower are not wheelchair accessible and may be difficult for individuals with mobility impairments. However, the top level of the Tower is accessible and affords beautiful vistas of neighboring islands. Coral World has a wheelchair for use by guests. Ask at the Greeter Stand for availability.

For individuals who have sight impairments, there are plenty of opportunities for guests to touch marine life and to enjoy narrated feedings. For individuals with hearing impairments, we have lots of interpretive signage. Please ask our Greeters if you need special assistance and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Get Up Close and Personal

Come to Coral World Ocean Park and experience the beauty and magic of life under and above the Caribbean Sea.

We will be closed Fridays and Saturdays until November 1st 2017

Open 9am – 4pm 

(Ticket Booth closes at 3pm)

Member of the US Virgin Islands HTA

(340) 775-1555

6450 Coki Point, St. Thomas, USVI 00802