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Guided Tour

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Discover the Amazing Sea Life of St. Thomas

Join one of our engaging aquarium team members on a 30-minute naturalist guided tour of Coral World Ocean Park. As you walk through the park, you can see a variety of sea creatures in both indoor and outdoor exhibits and hear interesting and fun facts about our park residents.

You get to learn about stingrays, turtles, fishes, birds, mangroves, and so much more as you interact with our team members as they tend to their daily duties caring for all the animals. The guided tour is a great opportunity to ask questions that may intrigue you during the visit.

It’s a great activity for kids, who usually enjoy learning about the marine life and encountering animals up close in the touch pools. It’s equally fun for adults who want to learn about the wildlife, ecosystem, ocean conservation, and more.

  • Private Guided Tour days and times coming soon.
  • Free Parking