Coral World Animal Rehabilitation

Coral World has been rehabilitating local wildlife since its opening. As our facility has grown, so has our rehabilitation programs and capabilities.  Decades of research and experience with both marine and terrestrial animal rehabilitation have also enhanced our capabilities to help hundreds of injured and stranded animals.

Our rehabilitation team is comprised of on-staff exotic animal veterinarians, veterinary technicians, biologists, and marine mammal experts.  We also have built professional connections with several facilities throughout the US which broadens our access to true experts in different species.  This allows us to care for a large variety of wildlife and ensure that each case receives the best possible care, and the highest level of success to be re-introduced to the wild.

Animals in rehabilitation are overseen directly from day to day by our veterinary technician who provides their daily care, therapy, and nutritional requirements.  When needed, outside diagnostics are performed with local veterinarians, as well as local physicians!

Our veterinary technician also functions as our animal emergency response and responds to reports of injured, sick or stranded wildlife all over the island.  We have also assisted animals on other islands as well, including the British Virgin Islands.

Coral World is deeply committed to the conservation of our marine and terrestrial animals in any way possible.  Both short and long-term rehabilitation is expensive, time-consuming, and often exhausting.  Our rehabilitation team as well as our park spare nothing to ensure the health and success of our rehabilitation animals.