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Team Coral WorldTurtles

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Sea Turtle Enrichment

Outreach and EducationTurtles

Coral World enrichmentHere at Coral World Ocean Park we use animal enrichment to help stimulate the animals that we care for and simulate real world situations for them to interact with. Melissa Sheffer, a former Coral World intern with the…

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We Are Very Proud of Our Efforts to Rehabilitate Sea Turtles

Marine LifeTurtles

coral world rehabAt Coral World Ocean Park there are rehabilitation facilities for all kinds of animals. We do our best to nurse back to health sick or injured sea birds, freshwater turtles, and, most importantly, sea turtles. If concerned citizens of the Virgin Islands see a turtle that…

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Coral World Serves as a Rehab Center for Sick or Injured Turtles

Outreach and EducationThe Nature ConservancyTurtles

Coral World serves as a rehabilitation center for injured or sick turtles and even struggling hatchlings that have not found their way out to sea and the safety of mats of Sargassum seaweed. Each year, Coral World helps dozens of hatchlings reach a safer environment. When tiny hatchling turtles are washed ashore, people often contact…

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Facts About Sea Turtles


Sea Turtles can live to be 100 years old. Sea Turtles breathe air, but they can hold their breath up to 5 hours. Sea Turtles lay their eggs at night.  The mother protects her eggs by putting the nest above the tide mark and covers the eggs with sand to keep them safe & warm….

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Hawksbills Are Some of the Most Interesting Creatures You’ll See on the Reefs


Have you ever seen a full grown sea turtle and wondered what it looked like when it was born? If you have, then Coral World has a treat for you! Hawksbill sea turtles are some of the most interesting creatures you will see on the reefs around St. Thomas. They are known for their beautiful…

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Hatchlings August 2008

Conservation EffortsTeam Coral WorldTurtles

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July 2008 Hatchlings

Conservation EffortsRescuesTeam Coral WorldTurtles

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