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Health Beat: Vet Tech Treats Residents and Visitors at Coral World

Coral World Happy 4In her eight years as a veterinarian technician at Coral World Marine Park, Erica Palmer has treated almost every kind of animal that swims or flies by the island of St. Thomas, as well as a bevy of land-based inhabitants. This spring she finally had…

Juvenile Frigate Seabird Mira Rehabilitated & Released

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Frigate Rehab with Erica #awesomeericavi

Coral World Happy 4“Its physical therapy time in the rehab department! Mira is an adult female frigate bird that is recovering from a wing injury. Her wing was not broken, but the muscles and tendons take time to…

Coral World Serves as a Rehab Center for Sick or Injured Turtles

Coral World serves as a rehabilitation center for injured or sick turtles and even struggling hatchlings that have not found their way out to sea and the safety of mats of Sargassum seaweed. Each year, Coral World helps dozens of hatchlings reach a safer environment. When tiny hatchling turtles are washed ashore, people often contact…

The Nature Conservancy Coral Tree Nursery

coral world treeThis week, scientists from The Nature Conservancy will be transplanting nursery-grown staghorn corals to the reef around the Underwater Observation Tower at Coral World.  The Nature Conservancy maintains six coral nurseries in the USVI containing both staghorn and elkhorn corals.  Each year, corals from these nurseries are transplanted…

The Klepto—Octopus and Other Adventures in Coral Reef Restoration

coral world octopusI have been working to restore coral reefs in the US Virgin Islands, and the wider Caribbean for more than four years now and what I observe during these adventures never ceases to amuse and entertain me….