Coral Reefs

“Fragments of Opportunity”

St. Thomas native Logan Michelle William’s love affair with coral began when she was two years old, snorkeling the waters of St. Thomas with her father. “I grew up here, born and raised,” said Williams, education outreach coordinator at Coral World. “Being able to dive and see these incredible organisms in this…

Zooxanthellae and Corals

Corals are colonies of tiny animals that live in warm, shallow waters. Over thousands of years, coral colonies grow and form coral reefs. However, the animals cannot do this alone. They need the help of zooxanthellae. coral world rosecoralZooxanthellae are single-celled algae that live in the coral’s tissues….

Importance of the Long Spine Black Urchin

Divers and beachgoers alike have long lamented over the nuisance of sea urchins. coral world urchinTheir long, skin-piercing spines can cause great discomfort if stepped on or touched, and their spiky appearance makes them seem pretty uninviting. They may seem scary and troublesome, don’t let their reputation fool…

The Nature Conservancy Coral Tree Nursery

coral world treeThis week, scientists from The Nature Conservancy will be transplanting nursery-grown staghorn corals to the reef around the Underwater Observation Tower at Coral World.  The Nature Conservancy maintains six coral nurseries in the USVI containing both staghorn and elkhorn corals.  Each year, corals from these nurseries are transplanted…