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Why I Love My Job at Coral World Ocean Park by Vance Mcclellan

coral world vanceMy time on the island is enhanced by the opportunities associated with working at Coral World!  I moved to the islands specifically to spend more time scuba diving.  Working with Sea Trek lets me do just that, I dive every day!

Submerging underwater with Sea Trek requires a short briefing with little or no swimming experience, as opposed to getting a full certification which takes time, money and swimming skills.  Guests come here that have never been swimming before, it’s an amazing new experience and I get to share it with them!

If I worked somewhere else, I wouldn’t get to introduce guests to the different sea creatures that live in Caribbean waters.  These amazing animals are still fun for me to interact with as well!  The sea stars, West Indian sea eggs, sea cucumbers not to mention my favorite, seeing our friend Bone Crusher, the 4.5’ cubera snapper that hangs out around the Observation Tower.  These are all things that make the ocean a very cool office to work in!