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What Type of Parrotfish Are You?

coral world parrotfishWhat type of Parrotfish are you?

Some of the most beautiful fish you can see on a Caribbean coral reef are parrotfish. There are several different species we commonly see, including the Princess Parrotfish (Scarus taenopterus), the Stoplight Parrotfish (Sparisoma viride), and the Redband Parrotfish (Sparisoma aurofrenatum). All of these species have different colors and patterns that change throughout the fishes’ lives, but that’s not the only thing that changes!

coral world parrotfish 1Parrotfish also change their sex.

Some families of reef fish such as the parrotfish (Family Scaridae) are protogynous, which means that they all start life as females and some members of the population transition to males in the terminal phase of their lives. This unique life cycle makes parrotfish one of the most interesting fish at Coral World. Come check out our Parrotfish in exhibits like Marine Gardens and the Caribbean Reef Encounter!