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The Horse-Eye Jack

coral world horse eyeThe horse-eye jack is an awesome fish that was first scientifically described in 1831 by Swiss naturalist Louis Agassiz. It has since grown in popularity in the dive community because it is both a coastal and a shipwreck dwelling species making it a common fish to see at most dive sites. Horse-eye jacks swim in large schools giving divers the opportunity to capture breathtaking photographs of the jacks moving in unison. As a Sea Trek diver, I personally love the horse-eye jack because of the high level of energy they seem to possess. They follow us on every dive in small schools swimming all around, it’s quite the show.

Watching these guys hunt is a wonderful experience. Their narrow muscular bodies and great eyesight make them extremely efficient hunters and boy are they fast. They cut through the water with extreme grace and ease. I’d hate to be a small fish with one of these guys hot on my tail. So if you have the urge to submerge and want to see one of these horse-eye jacks in the wild please come down to Coral World.