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Spend Valentine’s Day Like Our Resident Lovebirds, Lorikeets!

Coral World LorikeetsValentine’s Day is upon us! And no one at Coral World knows how to celebrate this romantic holiday like our resident love birds, the rainbow lorikeets! These colorful birds become mature at about two years of age, mate for life, and can live for 30 to 40 years. Now that’s commitment! Mating season typically goes from October through January, but our lorikeets show love for each other all year round. By nesting, grooming, and feeding together, some of our birds have announced to the world that they are a couple and they don’t care who knows it!

We have our power couples, like Cecil and Yellowpants, a Green-naped and Forsten’s lorikeet duo who are inseparable partners for life, and Sunny and Zazu, two Swainson’s lorikeets who fiercely guard their love nest by the nectar bar. Then we have love blossoming between Nugget and Tanto, another couple of Swainson’s lorikeets who have just recently stepped out as a couple. Relationships between these personality-packed parrots are constantly changing and play out like a soap opera, providing staff and guests alike with endless entertainment.

There is not an even number of males and females in our aviary, but do not fret about our single lorikeets! They get love and affection, not to mention tons of nectar, from the guests that pass through our park each day. So make sure to come check out these gorgeous birds and watch their love affairs unfold this Valentine’s Day!