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Coral World Sea Lion Team Update

Santa Hats

Rosey Omar Remo and Romulo 2017 has been an especially interesting year at Coral World, and this brief end-of-year update will attempt to summarize all of the excitement (both good and bad) that our sea lion family has endured over the past year. Our animal training…

Shark Eyes

Shark Eyes

Happy shark week everyone!! Sharks are a beautiful sight to behold but can they see how beautiful the world around them is? In studies of sharks eyes it was found that most sharks have excellent vision and have both rods and cones in their eyes like us. Rods enable them to see light and dark…

Biofluorescence Sharks!


Happy shark week everyone!! Sharks may be the light of my life but they also can light up the ocean. There are actually species sharks that exhibit biofluorescence which means they glow!! They are able to glow green because of proteins in its skin that are activated by blue light. Now why glow? One reason…

A Great Set of Choppers

Shark Teeth

Happy shark week everyone!! Everyone knows that sharks have a great set of choppers but did you know that they can lose up 35,000 teeth in their lifetime and that not all shark teeth are the same? There are four main types of shark teeth: 1. Dense flattened teeth used for crushing open bivalves and…

Hammer Time!

Nailed It

Happy shark week everyone!! Now stop it’s Hammer Time. Let’s not lie, these sharks are impressive looking animals because of those funny shaped heads. But why have that shaped head? Well there’s two reasons why. 1. Their head is filled with sensory organs that detect electrical pulses that coming from the muscle movements of another…