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Earth Day 2015

On Saturday April 25th, 2015, Coral World Ocean Park, Coki Dive Center, Margaritaville Vacation clubSTAR Network, Smith Bay community Action Foundation, Blue Flag USVI, CORE, EAST and other volunteers all came out to cleanup Coki Point and Water Bay in celebration of Earth Day 2015.

Dozens of volunteers hiked up and down Coki Point Road picking up litter that had been discarded along the roadway and into the mangroves. An estimated 50 bags of trash were collected in less than 3 hours!!! They collected everything from car parts, tires, a lawn chair that was found in a tree, dinghy parts and trailer parts to plastic bottles, bottle caps, cigarette butts, to-go food containers, plastic bags and glass bottles.

A second group took the Coki Dive boat out into Water Bay where several dive teams scoured the bay floor searching for discarded items that had washed into the ocean by rain runoff or things that had fallen off of traveling boats. The divers gathered up old boat parts, rope, cables, glass bottles, cans, batteries, tires and various other debris littering the ocean floor.

It is a wonderful thing when you see all these different groups working together to accomplish a single goal. The great task of litter collecting and cleaning up along the roads and in the bays. An endeavor that helps keep the VI trash free. So whenever possible join one of the cleanups that happen year-round throughout the islands. The next Coral World organized clean-up will take place on June 7th, 2015 in honor of world ocean day. Also, in September there will be several Coastal Cleanups in association with the Ocean Concervancy Intl Coastal Clean-up program. For more information follow our Facebook page. #Debrisfreeseavi #debris-free-sea

We want to thank all those that came out on a Saturday morning!

Ways you can help every day? If you see litter, pick it up and put it in a trash can. If you have trash and no garbage bin, take it with you until you find one. These are our islands and it is our responsibility to keep them clean and litter free. By taking responsibility and respecting our island, it encourages visitors to our island to do the same.