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Coral World’s Green Iguanas

Reef Fest 2014 at Coral WorldSpring is a time for many different kinds of animals to mate and make babies, and Coral World’s Green Iguanas (Iguana iguana) are no exception! This species is native to Central and South America and was introduced to the U.S. Virgin Islands long ago. Green Iguanas are naturally herbivorous creatures that feed on fruits, flowers, and leaves. They are, as their name implies, green in color. Juveniles are a bright, vibrant green, whereas adults tend to be slightly darker green or brown. They spend most of their day in the trees, but do come down to bask in the sunlight on warm sections of pavement or rock.

This time of year is mating season for these robust reptiles, a small population of which has chosen to call our aquarium park home. Every year as the end of February nears, the iguanas’ behavior begin to change. Males vie for dominance, territory, and females by bobbing their heads, showing off the flap of skin called a dewlap which hangs from their necks. They also fight each other constantly, giving both park guests and female iguanas a show!

It is important to remember during mating season, as well as any other time of year, that iguanas are wild animals that are best admired from afar. Please do not touch them, and remember to feed them only the lettuce provided by Coral World staff during the scheduled 3:30pm feeding. Visit our Critter Corner when visiting us to learn more about other interesting wildlife.