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Coral World Offers Internships In Their Exhibits Department

1012692_809094512451025_1117600892_nInternships last about 3 to 5 months and will give students a hands-on experience in the world of animal care and conservation.

Coral World is a privately owned marine park in the beautiful US Virgin Islands. Our mission is to entertain, to educate and inspire appreciation and understanding to the local environment around the Virgin Islands. One way we do this is by offering an aquarist internship.

The aquarist internship introduces basic animal care, animal husbandry, and dive operations along with customer service. Interns are responsible for assisting in the daily care and maintenance of the park’s marine operations. They are closely supervised by experienced staff members who are excited about sharing their knowledge.

The aquarist internship starts off by introducing students to food preparation for the entire aquarium department. Then moves to cleaning and feeding of the aquarium animals. As the internship continues, students will work on their public speaking skills by preforming public presentations around the park. Last but certainly not least, our interns will get the opportunity to assist our aquarists in both sea turtle and shark encounters where they will be able to get into the exhibits with these amazing creatures and also continue to help educate the public about ways to help save our world’s oceans.

At the conclusion of the aquarist internship, students are required to finish a final project that will help Coral World Ocean Park for years to come, and present their findings in an educational PowerPoint to our aquarium staff members.

We are always looking for new interns. Email us for more information.