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Coral World Ocean Park Participates in Two Career Day Events

coral world career dayCoral World mission is “to bring you close to the inhabitant of the magical undersea world that surrounds the Virgin Islands and to the stunning variety of plant life that grows in our lagoons and on our hillsides. Our goal is to entertain, to educate, and to inspire appreciation and understanding to the local environment. Our hope is that you will experience the joy of discovery and that you will love and protect the natural treasures you see here.”  While Coral World takes pride in educating our daily visitors, reaching out to our local community is something else we strive to do.

On May 5th and 6th, Sarah, Roselle, Valissa and Stephanie represented Coral World and the Butterfly Garden at Antilles School for the 2014 Tourism Week Career Fair. Students from Gift Hill School, Catholic School, Charlotte Amalie High School, Ivanna Eudora Kean High School and Edith Williams School met at the Antilles School Gym to learn about different tourism related careers on the island. Visiting students were educated on the different positions held by Coral World’s employees and what it takes to work in the marine field and the park in general.

Students were also advised on the importance of making good, sustainable seafood choices with the Seafood Watch Card, as well as learning about Lionfish response and the importance of eliminating Lionfish from our waters. Students were given flyers with information on visiting Coral World with their school and were encouraged to pass the information along to their teachers to schedule a free school field trip to Coral World. We also had the opportunity to talk with local students about our Coral World internship programs in both the Aquarium Department and Marine Mammal Department.

This is just one of many events that Coral World participates in with the goal of fostering an appreciation of our local and global environment as well as promoting an interest in marine careers among our local children.

coral world career day 1On Sunday, May 17th, Coral World was asked to partake in Faith Wesleyan Holiness Church’s career night. Suki Meier, one of Coral World’s sea lion trainers, spoke on behalf of Coral World about the career of animal care.

Many people only see the “fun and games” aspect of animal care careers, but there is a lot more that goes into them! At Coral World, there are four major aspects that go into caring for the animals, including (but not limited to) healthcare, training, cleanliness of habitat, and guest services & education.

Coral World is very proud of the quality of care that is given to each animal, and through events at local churches, schools, and businesses, Coral World has been able to share its mission throughout the island. Maybe you’ll see a Coral World employee at your next career night!

For more information on Coral World presentations, please contact our marketing department at [email protected]