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Team Coral World

Coral World Sea Lion Team Update

Santa Hats

Rosey Omar Remo and Romulo 2017 has been an especially interesting year at Coral World, and this brief end-of-year update will attempt to summarize all of the excitement (both good and bad) that our sea lion family has endured over the past year. Our animal training…

Health Beat: Vet Tech Treats Residents and Visitors at Coral World

Coral World Happy 4In her eight years as a veterinarian technician at Coral World Marine Park, Erica Palmer has treated almost every kind of animal that swims or flies by the island of St. Thomas, as well as a bevy of land-based inhabitants. This spring she finally…

Juvenile Frigate Seabird Mira Rehabilitated & Released

Coral World Conservation 3

Frigate Rehab with Erica #awesomeericavi

Coral World Happy 4“Its physical therapy time in the rehab department! Mira is an adult female frigate bird that is recovering from a wing injury. Her wing was not broken, but the muscles and tendons take time…