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Sea Trek

The Definition of Sea Trek

noun 1. a surface supplied helmet diving system; a program created for non-divers and non-swimmers that allows nearly anyone to experience the underwater world. “the little girl participated in Sea TREK” synonyms: helmet diving, underwater walking, surface supplied diving bell  2. a helmet that allows people 8 to 93+ years to walk on the bottom of the sea and experience the exhilarating feeling of breathing beneath the surface. “they fed a plethora of reef fish, pet a stingray’s wings, and were photo bombed by a sea turtle while they were doing Sea TREK” synonyms: if you can walk and breathe — you can Sea TREK, amazing underwater experience Read more

Why I Love My Job at Coral World Ocean Park by Vance Mcclellan

My time on the island is enhanced by the opportunities associated with working at Coral World!  I moved to the islands specifically to spend more time scuba diving.  Working with Sea Trek lets me do just that, I dive every day! Submerging underwater with Sea Trek requires a short briefing with little or no swimming…