Sea Lions

Meet Remo — One of Our South American Sea Lions

coral world remoLet’s meet Remo! Remo is one of four South American Sea Lions that call Coral World home. If you’ve been following our Coral World blog, you’ve already met Franco, our large and relaxed dominant male. Now it’s time to meet his right hand man, Remo! Weighing…

Did You Know That Training of Animals is Good for Their Health?

Our South American sea lions at Coral World are very well-trained, and their training is more important than you might think.  Sure, it’s fun to watch them wave or smile in the show, but their training is also an important part of each animal’s overall health and well-being. The most important reason for the animals’…

Did You Know Sea Lions Are Warm-Blooded Animals, Just Like You?

A sea lion maintains a core body temperature between 95 and 98 degrees, which is only slightly lower than a person’s. Unlike a person, however, sea lions are capable of swimming all day in freezing cold water. How is that possible? Coral World Sea Lion Team