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Outreach and Education

Juvenile Frigate Seabird Mira Rehabilitated & Released

Coral World Conservation 3

Frigate Rehab with Erica #awesomeericavi

Coral World Happy 4“Its physical therapy time in the rehab department! Mira is an adult female frigate bird that is recovering from a wing injury. Her wing was not broken, but the muscles and tendons take time…

Zooxanthellae and Corals

Corals are colonies of tiny animals that live in warm, shallow waters. Over thousands of years, coral colonies grow and form coral reefs. However, the animals cannot do this alone. They need the help of zooxanthellae. coral world rosecoralZooxanthellae are single-celled algae that live in the coral’s…

Coral World Serves as a Rehab Center for Sick or Injured Turtles

Coral World serves as a rehabilitation center for injured or sick turtles and even struggling hatchlings that have not found their way out to sea and the safety of mats of Sargassum seaweed. Each year, Coral World helps dozens of hatchlings reach a safer environment. When tiny hatchling turtles are washed ashore, people often contact…