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Conservation Efforts

Earth Day 2016 Coki Point & Water Bay Cleanup

Thanks to everyone for helping out with our Earth Day 2016 Cleanup! Coral World Coki Dive Center UVI VIMAS Margaritaville CORE STAR Blue Flag Smith Bay Community Action Foundation Virgin Island Conservations Society

Earth Day 2011 Water Bay Cleanup

On April 22, 2011 Coral World staff organized an Earth Day Underwater Cleanup in coordination with Reef Alliance and Ocean Conservancy.  This is the 3rd annual cleanup that Coral World has participated in since the Reef Alliance Day cleanups began in 2009.  This year’s cleanup was once again in Water Bay, St. Thomas.  An assembly…

Red Tailed Hawk Found in Frenchtown

A red tailed hawk was found under a swing set in a lady’s yard in Frenchtown. He had been there a couple of days without moving. She called for someone to come and take a look at the hawk and find out why he was just sitting in the yard. Erica, Coral World’s vet tech,…

Silly Pelican

This silly little pelican was found just outside of Redhook acting all dazed and confused.  He came to Coral World and stayed until he was ready to take off on his own again.

Young Turtle Found Shot

Beaker was a young Hawksbill sea turtle found in Cowpet Bay. He had washed up on shore and was unresponsive. Concerned residents called the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rescue Network (STAR). Erica Palmer, Coral World Ocean Park Veterinary Technician and STAR St Thomas responder came to the turtle’s rescue. He had a puncture wound to…


Happy was a juvenile hawksbill turtle that was found floating listlessly in Great Bay at the Ritz Carlton, in June of 2014. He was getting tossed around in the waves, not moving at all. Erica, Coral World’s vet tech and STAR Network responder, brought him back to Coral World. She put him in a pool…

Juvenile Frigate Seabird Mira Rehabilitated & Released

Mira, a juvenile frigate seabird, was found March 7th on a St Thomas beach. Unable to fly, her right wing had been damaged and was dropping badly. The Coral World rescue team got the call and went out to assess the bird’s needs. They took her for X-rays that revealed no fracture, but a significant…