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Become a Volunteer at Coral World Ocean Park

Do you love the Ocean, are you excited about marine animals, are you motivated to give back to your community, why not consider becoming a volunteer at Coral World Ocean Park?

1497957_792557240771419_29907395_oWe are seeking friendly, motivated volunteers to help our aquarium staff.  Our aquarium volunteers fill a variety of roles within the park that provide the opportunity to build a broad base of marine animal skills. Volunteering at Coral World Ocean Park in the exhibits department can be FUN and EXCITING! Our volunteers get to help our aquarium staff with daily maintenance, which can include scrubbing sea turtle shells, getting inside our exhibits to wipe down the windows, and even getting in the water to help with our shark and turtle encounters. *

By volunteering with us here at Coral World Ocean Park, you’re helping to create an aquarium experience that will entertain and educate thousands of people each year. Some of our volunteers even go on to pursue their volunteer areas for a living, so whether you’re interested in a marine-related career or just want to take the plunge into the vast ocean world, the aquarium is the ideal place to volunteer your time!

Volunteer hours can be used for school community hours.

* Volunteering requires working outdoors, daily exposure to sun, wind and saltwater.

Student volunteers applying should:

  • Be currently enrolled in high school or entering high school next fall (homeschool also welcome)
  • Demonstrate an eagerness to learn and to work with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Be proficient in English and comfortable with science vocabulary
  • Volunteer hours available between 7am to 4pm.  Flexible schedules.
  • Open Water SCUBA certification is required to clean inside the large exhibits as well as around the underwater observatory tower, but is not needed to become a volunteer