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A Great Set of Choppers

Shark Teeth

Happy shark week everyone!! Everyone knows that sharks have a great set of choppers but did you know that they can lose up 35,000 teeth in their lifetime and that not all shark teeth are the same? There are four main types of shark teeth: 1. Dense flattened teeth used for crushing open bivalves and crustaceans (nurse sharks have these teeth). 2. Needle-like teeth which are great for holding onto slippery fish (bull sharks) 3. Pointed lower and triangular lower teeth using for cutting into large prey like big fish or marine mammals (great whites). 4. Non-functional teeth which are reduced and unnecessary because the sharks that have these teeth feed on plankton anyway (whale sharks). In my hand are the teeth of a sevengill, leopard, sandbar, spiny dogfish, and sand tiger shark. Can you guess which is which?
By Caroline Emch-Wei