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3 Volunteers Share Their Thoughts on a Summer at Coral World

coral world volunteers

Aquarium Volunteer Experiences

Though I’ve only been to Coral World at least two times, my last experience there was awesome. I came in with my Marine Biology class, as a class trip and I was so amped. Why? Well mainly because over the years since my last visit at Coral World, my interest in marine life and biology grew tremendously. So coming to Coral World a second time there was just so many questions for the staff overflowing in my head. My favorite exhibits were the shark pool and marine gardens. At the shark talk I learned so many things about those two sharks, the nurse shark and the lemon shark. One interesting fact was that these sharks were endangered which was very surprising to me because they’re one of the few marine animals at the top of the food chain. In the marine gardens, I got a little info on all the fishes, sponges, corals, and echinoderms. While being in the marine gardens too, I got to see Omar the sea lion. At first I was a bit scared because I’m not that much a fan of large sea mammals but the show was pretty cool and educational. Omar was truly a sweet heart. All in all, having those great experiences visiting Coral World influenced my drive in working here and too also become a marine biologist.

Aquarium volunteer
Kheyanna Davis

I loved being a volunteer at Coral World it was great experience and I gained a lot of knowledge for the future. I did lots of things here from shark encounters to helping feeding the turtles. One of the best things was definitely preparing and implementing the food enrichments we gave to the lorikeets and sea turtles. This was a great summer and I’m glad I got the opportunity to do all of these wonderful things!

Aquarium volunteer
Maya Thomas

My experiences here as a Coral World volunteer were like none other. Being born and raised here, I am used to a lot of animals in the exhibits but it feels different somehow. In the exhibits, I feel more of a connection or security somehow. I get to interact with the animals in a deeper sense, like the turtles, sharks, stingrays, and birds. I get to help feed and protect the animals in the exhibits. I love that! I also love interacting with the guests and teaching them something they have never known or seen. My favorite part though is getting to be in the water every day. I also got to experience new things here as a volunteer like the shark and turtle encounters as well as snuba. It was amazing! I love it here! I love everything about this place! I am so happy! :]

Aquarium volunteer
Jonisha Aubain