Marine Gardens

View hundreds of marine species in their unique natural habitats

Child (age 3-21)
Family Day Pass (2 Adults; Up to 4 Children)

This gallery of 21 jewel tanks provides intimate and stunning views of hundreds of marine species in their unique habitats. Watch closely as these marine creatures exhibit behaviors you would have a hard time seeing in the wild.

Try to spot the superbly camouflaged scorpion fish and peacock flounder. Watch delicate jaw fish “standing” vertically in their burrows, constantly redecorating their homes by removing bits of shell and placing these bits in more preferred locations. They use their mouths to dig burrows in the sand. Males also use their mouths to carry eggs until they hatch.

Marvel at exotic looking fish like trunk fish, burr fish and porcupine fish that are shaped for defense. Don’t be frightened by the moray eels. These eels constantly open and close their mouths in order to breathe by moving water over their gills, giving them a fearsome look.

See a school of big-eyed soldier fish and squirrelfish suspended in the safety of the cave tank while huge lobsters clamber on the rocks.