Dolphin Moment & Sea Sanctuary Tour

Take a behind-the-scenes guided tour of the new sea sanctuary at Coral World. Guests will walk around the perimeter of the sea sanctuary with a guide and get a sneak peek into the daily operations of the Dolphin Education Center. The tour culminates with a shallow water meet and greet session from a platform where guests will have an opportunity to interact and play with a dolphin. Free admission with purchase of Sea Lion Swim Dolphin Moment & Sea Sanctuary Tour

1 Session per Day:  3:00 pm
8 minutes with Dolphins
Ages 5 and up
Max 5 people per time slot
Water depth=Knee deep
No swimming experience necessary
Behind the scenes guided tour of the sea sanctuary
Dockside interactive dolphin encounter
Guests will touch, feed, and play
Photos available for purchase

Rates: Adults $79 • Children $70

Total Time: 30 Minutes

Get Up Close & Personal

Coral World will be open from 9am to 4pm on open days with the ticket booth closing at 3pm.

Proud member of the  US Virgin Islands HTA